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Relentless goes back to the basics of how brands are built; one bottle at a time. Our team of “Sharks” are trained with proven processes by the best people in the business to dominate at the store level. We follow productive routing and focused store lists to maximize sales + brand building. We are continuously training to ensure maximized results.

What We Do





SMART View Dashboard

Unify All Store Level Data

Full, Closed-Loop Reporting

Brand Building

Relationships, merchandising and selling all work together in building brands store by store.  RTS will also provide data and analysis back to the brand so that we can work together.

Core Competencies:

Relationship Building

Build sustainable relationships with all levels of store personnel.


Build sustainable relationships with all levels of store personnel.


Sharks seek out areas of the store that are under utilized:

Market Execution:



Brand Partners:


Relentless played a key role in supporting our growth in SoCal. The team is very committed to solving the challenges and achieving our brand's goals. Outstanding service and execution. Best in the market!

Gustavo Nader Cavalcante
Co-Founder and CEO, AMAZ

I have been in retail for 30 years and Relentless is the best executing team in West Coast retail. The advantage is their consistent retailer engagement routine. Their Leadership team created a retail execution solution from the supplier perspective. The execution recaps are “Best in Class” and most importantly they are in real time and actionable.

James Gleaves
General Manager, Clearly Kombucha

Relentless Migrated is a great find for retail merchandising in the Natural Foods channel. They are helping Quantum Energy Squares to stand out on retail shelves with high-visibility placements, clean presentation, plus they are continually keeping us informed with great reporting and photos. We're very happy to be working with RTS.

Dave Cynkin
Co-Founder and CEO, AMAZ

As an emerging brand, it’s challenging to stand out from the hundreds of new products and new skus moving in and out at retail. RTS provides us a critical service as our “feet on the street” in the stores to ensure our products are available, stocked as well as continuously discovering new points of availability.

Johnnie Blankenship
Partner & COO, Hawaii Volcanic Beverages

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